Many of us take freedom for granted. After all, in the United States it’s just the way things are. But unless you’ve been to other countries and seen how so many others live with armed military in the streets and sinister oppression that robs people of their smiles and their confidence—a Russian immigrant to the United States once said that you can recognize Americans walking down the street by how they hold their heads so high—you don’t know the full extent of what a gift this freedom is that you live with.


Gratitude is an attitude that serves you well. Your heart rhythms become calmer and your immune system grows stronger whenever you express appreciation. Those who died for our freedom will know when you appreciate their sacrifice. Why not express your appreciation proudly and openly? Not just on Memorial Day, but everyday the sun shines. When the families of those who gave their all see your American flag, their hearts will grow calmer, too, and the appreciation will spread across our land.


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