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liberty flagpole

Our NEW MODEL Liberty EZPOLE® is a telescopic pole and features our “No Drop Posi-Loc®” dual-locking system, preventing the common pole collapse with our competitor’s telescopic poles. To raise or lower the 17’ Liberty EZPOLE, simply twist the pole sections in opposite directions to lock and secure your pole. To engage the “No Drop Posi-Loc®” on each section of the 21’ Liberty, hold the lower pole still while turning the upper pole clockwise until the arrows line up with the button hole on the lower pole. Once the button snaps into position, turn the upper pole back counter clockwise to lock the sections. Repeat for the all the sections. To lower the pole, disengage the button and turn the upper pole of each section clockwise. (see video below)

The 21’ Liberty adjusts to height increments of 9’6” up to 21’ and has 4 sections, with diameters of 1.75”, 2”, 2.25” and 2.5”. The 17’ Liberty adjusts to any exposed height between 7’2” and 17’ and has 3 sections, with diameters of 1.75”, 2” and 2.25”. The various diameter sizes create true, tapered pole look.

Individual flagpole parts are available, see Accessories.


Video: EZPOLE® Flagpoles Withstand Hurricane Force Winds







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Liberty Kit Contents


Liberty EZPOLE Features:


  • 100% American craftsmanship
  • Rust-free polished aluminum tubing
  • Aluminum in-ground sleeve or special mount
  • Our "No-Wrap" swivel system™
  • All EZPOLES have a 5 year warranty
    with proof of purchase



Click here to download a pdf of the No Drop Posi-Loc® instructions.

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Flagpoles manufactured by EZPOLE® Flagpoles & Mounts have been tested and approved to withstand wind speeds as high as 130 mph. EZPOLE Flagpoles & Mounts provides a LIMITED 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all its flagpoles and mounts which covers damage and/or replacement costs for poles and mounts damaged as a direct result of wind gusts up to 50 mph. Read our full warranty and return policy here.


For safety reasons – EZPOLE strongly advises customers to lower poles in instances where wind speeds exceed or are expected to exceed 50 mph.