Patriot Flagpole            100% Made in the USA

patriot flagpole

Show off your USA pride with this aluminum flagpole that comes in 3-5 powder coated sections, red, white and blue. The Patriot EZPOLE® is halyard free with the 360 degree "No Wrap" swivel system and button system that allows your flag to fly freely without wrapping or getting tangled around the pole. Like all sectional EZPOLES the Patriot is easy to tote and store for temporary uses.


Sectional flagpole kits have three, four or five, 56” sections, depending on the length purchased. These sections appear seamless as they neatly assemble together. Our sectional poles are 2” in diameter and are 16 gauge aluminum. EZPOLE swaging is a full 1.5” deeper than most sectional poles. This feature ensures added strength and durability under tough weather conditions.


All poles come with EZPOLE aluminum in-ground sleeve and are deburred for safety.

Individual flagpole parts are available, see Accessories.


Video: EZPOLE® Flagpoles Withstand Hurricane Force Winds







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For all orders outside of North America, please call 1-888-454-9164 or email adam@ezpole.com for shipping rates.


Patriot Kit Contents


Patriot EZPOLE Features:


  • 100% American craftsmanship
  • Rust-free polished aluminum tubing
  • Extra swaging for rigidity & high performance
  • Aluminum in-ground sleeve or special mount
  • "No-Wrap" swivel system™
  • All EZPOLES have a 5 year warranty
    with proof of purchase
  • Deburred for safety
  • Topped with an anodized aluminum gold ball
  • An instruction sheet
  • A flag etiquette leaflet
  • A list of flag flying holidays

Flagpoles manufactured by EZPOLE® Flagpoles & Mounts have been tested and approved to withstand wind speeds as high as 130 mph. EZPOLE Flagpoles & Mounts provides a LIMITED 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all its flagpoles and mounts which covers damage and/or replacement costs for poles and mounts damaged as a direct result of wind gusts up to 50 mph. Read our full warranty and return policy here.


For safety reasons – EZPOLE strongly advises customers to lower poles in instances where wind speeds exceed or are expected to exceed 50 mph.