Tailgating Flagpoles


EZPole has custom tailgating flagpoles for every tailgating occasion. View all of our product options below:


Event Line


Our Event Line of flagpoles offers our Defender Style flagpole "without rope", to be powder coated in any colors of your choice. The chart below shows the color choices. The flagpole can be one solid color or multiple colors where the colors alternate with each pole section.

event line colors

Create a pole to match your favorite sports team's colors!

13' - $129
17' - $139
21' - $149

Call to create your color scheme


For example, you can have a red, white and blue flagpole, or a black and white color selection on our 17', Classic, 4 section flagpole. If you have any questions on custom colors, please call 1-888-454-9164.



Racing Line



Heading out to the track or just want to support your favorite racer from home? Our EZPOLE® Racing Flagpole series features our black and white powder coated flagpoles or any colors you desire! The flagpoles come in three sizes and are offered in the "no-rope" Defender style. Each flagpole ships with a 3'x5' checkered flag.



Powder Coated Black and White



above ground mount

3-in-1 Flagpole Mount


Our 3-in-1 Flagpole Mount is perfect for use on a deck, dock or as tire mount. It also assembles for temporary uses such as tailgate parties and special events. With the 3-1 Flagpole Mount, you can hold our 2" diameter flagpoles securely by simply sliding the flagpole on. The base plate is 5"x14" and is made of 1/4" solid aluminum and the insert post is solid aluminum. To attach to a deck or dock use 1/2" Allen screws.

Price: Only $59.00!



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For all orders outside of North America, please call 1-888-454-9164 or
email adam@ezpole.com for shipping rates.