American Flags

EZPOLE flags are 100% American-made—and 100% American quality

Flags are available in Nylon and Koralex/Polyester options.  Both are 100% Made in U.S.A.


NYLON- Nylon is the most widely and versatile fabric available. Ideal material for most flag displays. Nylon flags are lightweight, tight weave enable it to fly in slightest breeze, and have a rich, lustrous appearance. Combination of strength and brilliant display.  Ideal for rainy areas because of its quick-drying ability. Retains color well and is easily cleaned.

KORALEX/POLYESTER - Koralex/Polyester flags typically used when displayed in an area with frequent high-wind conditions. 100% spun two ply construction has an open weave providing durability, strength and fly-ability.  Ideal for windy and extreme weather conditions which would cause a nylon flag to deteriorate very quickly. Has the feel of cotton but its synthetic nature gives it the durability of nylon.

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