Commercial Flagpole Resources

On this page you will find the following topics our commercial flagpoles:

  • Flagpole Standard and Custom Finishes
  • Wind Speed
  • Shipping Details 
  • Return Policy
  • Installation Instructions
  • Internal vs. External Halyards

For more information and freight quotes on any series of our commercial poles contact us toll free at 1-888-454-9164.

Free shipping is not available on commercial flagpole orders.

Commercial Flagpole Finishes

Call or email us at our contact request form for a quotation on flagpole finishes. While all of our aluminum flagpoles require little maintenance to retain their natural shine, our anodized flagpoles offer an even simpler solution. Our satin brushed finished flagpoles will generally keep clean with the rainfall in most areas, however; because the exterior of the flagpole is aluminum, it will continue to oxidize throughout its lifetime. Special cleaning agents may be required to remove the discoloration caused by this process of oxidation. Our anodized flagpoles do not encounter this problem. The process of anodization actually creates a barrier on the external surface of the aluminum flagpole, thus eliminating the oxidation process. Because the aluminum is not exposed to the elements, it cannot oxidize. The anodized finishes allow you to clean your flagpole with simple soap and water.  Anodized poles take 4-6 weeks to ship because they are made to order. 

Commercial Poles Standard Finishes

Wind Speed

Wind speeds should be taken into consideration especially when purchasing commercial style flagpoles. Safe flagpole design requires knowledge of the loads to which they will be subjected.  It is important that flagpoles be selected which are capable of supporting the largest flag intended to be flown in the highest wind speed to which it will be subjected.

Commercial Flagpole Shipping

Typical delivery time is 3 to 6 weeks for poles with Satin finishes. See Finishes section for lead time on custom and anodized poles.

All poles are double spiral wrapped with protective paper and shipped in a hard fiber tube. WARNING - The flagpole shaft will stain if allowed to remain in contact with wet or damp wrappings. If there is any sign that the shaft or its shipping tube has come in contact with water during shipment, remove from the tube and unwrap immediately. If the shaft is to be stored outdoors, it must be stored unwrapped, out of the tube and off the ground.

Commercial flagpoles are delivered via tractor-trailer. Ensure that the delivery address can accept a freight delivery via tractor-trailer. Delivery will not be made unless the delivery location can accommodate unloading a one-piece flagpole.

Commercial flagpoles weigh in excess of 200 lbs. Arrange for assistance in unloading at time of delivery. Ensure that you have suitable handling equipment available on-site at the time of delivery.

A representative from the freight delivery company will contact you to arrange a time for drop-off. Please provide a valid phone number where you can be reached. There MUST be someone at the delivery location at the time of delivery.

Ensure that your flagpole is fully inspected BEFORE you sign for delivery. Once you sign for the pole stating that you have received everything and it is in good standing condition, we are not able to file a claim to replace damaged merchandise. EZPOLE Flagpoles WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES DURING TRANSPORT IF THE MERCHANDISE WAS SIGNED FOR UPON DELIVERY AS ACCEPTABLE.

Commercial flagpoles are not able to be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.


Commercial Flagpole Return Policy

Return policy on commercial flag poles: If you accept delivery on this pole and then later want to return it you will be responsible for the freight to return it, in addition there is a 20% restocking fee for returned commercial flagpoles.


Commercial Flagpole Installation Instructions


Internal vs External Halyards? Which is right for you?

Flagpole halyard configurations fall into two categories - internal and external (the halyard is the rope or cable that is used to raise or lower the flag on a flagpole).

Internal Halyard Flagpoles conceals the rope on the inside of the flagpole. Internal Halyard flagpoles are typically more expensive than comparable external halyard flagpoles but they offer a more streamlined look and security. The rope is in the inside of the flagpole and travels up and out of the truck at the top of the flagpole. The rope is either wire centered halyard or stainless steel cable and is secured near the bottom of the flagpole with a cam cleat or with a winch. The rigging is accessible and controlled after unlocking an access door. The benefits of internal cable halyards are a) security and b) service life. With an internal cable halyard flagpole, the entire halyard is enclosed inside the pole when the flag is fully raised. And raising or lowering the flag requires a special winch handle. Further, the opening for this winch handle often has a locking cover. These features all add up to a highly secure solution for flying a flag.

External Halyard Flagpole System places the rope on the outside of the flagpole. The rope is exposed on the outside of the flagpole and travels through a pulley mounted at the top of the flagpole. An external cleat completes the rigging allowing the halyard to be tied off from the base of the flagpole. This enables ease of operation allowing the flag to be displayed and move up and/or down as required.  The rope is on the outside of the pole and is simply wrapped around a cleat to secure the flag. External halyard flagpoles are less secure.

 For more information on our commercial poles contact us toll free at 1-888-454-9164 or by e-mail

Free shipping and sales do not apply to commercial flagpoles.