How to Determine Flagpole Size & Wind Speeds

Follow these instructions to determine what size flagpole you will need

Flagpole Height

(Exposed heights are 13', 17', or 21').

13' – Small, single story homes, structures, decks, docks or traveling.
17' – Mid-size homes, 2 story structures
21' – Large homes or areas.

Additional 56" swedged sections can be purchased individually for sectional flagpole models.

It is advised to not go above 21'.


Wind Speeds

Wind speeds should be taken into consideration especially when purchasing commercial style flagpoles.  It is important that flagpoles be selected which are capable of supporting the largest flag intended to be flown in the highest wind speed to which it will be subjected. Wind speed ratings are calculated for different areas of the nation so that you will know which flagpole and flag to purchase that will withstand the wind speeds common in your area.
Each flagpole specification lists the wind speed that the pole can withstand without damage. Please contact us for recommended flag sizes to match wind speeds in your area.