Liberty Telescopic Flagpole - Raising & Lowering

How to properly raise and lower your Liberty Telescopic Flagpole

Your flagpole is shipped in a lock position.

Download PDF Instructions


  • Starting with the smallest diameter pole section, turn pole section clockwise (right) to completely unlock. (Remember pole is shipped locked)
  • Extend the pole section fully until it stops (cannot extend further)
  • Turn pole section clockwise (right) until button extends into round hole (located on section below)
  • Repeat for each additional section until pole is fully raised


  • Starting with largest diameter pole (base section), twist upper pole section clockwise (right) to unlock.
  • Once unlocked, carefully disengage button by pushing in and twisting pole section right to clear from hole. Lower pole section completely until it stops.
  • Repeat for each additional pole section until flagpole is fully lowered.
Your Liberty EZPOLE Flagpole No Drop Posi Lock system is a dual Cam and button lock system locking your pole in place. The pole is designed to lock at any height within each section with a simple twist of the Cam lock and designed to lock without the button. The button is designed as a backup lock in case the CAM lock unlocks into neutral position.

 Click here to view a pdf to learn how to raise and lower your telescoping flagpole.